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Make valuable connections and engage in stimulating post-ride discussions over a few beers. PS - we provide the beer!

Socially distant. Not socially isolated.

Build and maintain professional connections in a safe and fun socially distant environment to benefit both you and your business.

What to expect

10-14 days ahead of each ride, we'll send out a newsletter to your email with details of the upcoming ride. and a registration link, so make sure you sign-up to be included in our Newsletter.

For each ride, we accept the first 6 people to register and pay the small donation fee.

A Bit about Rider Skill Level:


You have either never ridden a mountain bike off road before. 


You like riding off-road and wide dirt trails (logging tracks, doubletrack), but don’t yet have the skills and confidence to ride terrain with roots, rocks, tight corners, tight trees and steeps. You have yet to experience single track.


Terrain – You are comfortable riding a variety of singletrack which may include tight trees, mud, loose rocks and sand.

Obstacles – Comfortable and confident rolling over obstacles (up to 6 inches high) like roots, rocks and moderate rollable drops. You do not take your wheels off the ground.

Bike Parks – If you have ridden a bike park, you are comfortable on all green trails and easy blue trails. You roll over obstacles with ease, although keep both wheels on the ground.

Bike Skills – You are comfortable executing the following basic bike handling skills on mellow singletrack:

Shifting – you anticipate the terrain and shift gears accordingly.

Descending – you are comfortable and balanced standing up off of your seat and can maintain level pedals for the entire descent.

Speed Control and Braking – you use momentum to climb rolling terrain and are comfortable using both your front and back brakes when required.


Terrain – You are comfortable riding tight trees, mud, loose rocks and sand and do so on aggressive terrain with little braking.

Obstacles – You often hop over obstacles that others may wheel lift over. You are comfortable with a front wheel lift and rear wheel lift to get up and over larger obstacles and can hit small drops (1-2 ft) with confidence.

Bike Park – Comfortable on all green, blue and black trails.

Bike Skills – You are comfortable executing the following bike handling skills on a variety of singletrack:

Shifting – you shift gears often and smoothly to keep flow on terrain.

Climbing – technical roots, rocks and switchbacks are typically no issue for you.

Descending – you use the brakes sparingly, and are happy taking some air off little rocks and roots .

Speed Control and Braking – you use both your front and back brakes independently of each other when required.

Cornering – your timing and coordination on all types of berms is solid. You are comfortable leaning your bike through the corner and exit with acceleration.


On double black trails you can be heard saying…”hold my beer, watch this”

If you’re confident riding blue and black trails in your local area, then you have what it takes to come mountain biking with us at Bikes N Beers. Also, be sure to bring snacks, protein bars or similar.

Each ride is between 1-2hrs. 

The weekday ride schedule is:
> 10 minutes for introductions
> 1-1.5hr ride
> 10-15 minutre transition to the post ride spot
> 1hr for Beer and connect (BYOB!!)

The Weekend Ride is:
> 10 minutes for introductions
> 1-2hr ride
> 10-15 minute transition to the post ride spot
> 1hr for Beer and connect (BYOB!!)

RIDER WAIVER: Each rider must sign the waiver form before they ride.

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What to expect

Welcome to Bikes 'N Beers! 

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Forget awkward business networking events! Get out in nature and enjoy a socially-distanced ride with fellow business professionals.

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A $20 donation is requested for rides you attend to cover admin expenses. A portion of proceeds will be donated to local charities quarterly.

Sponsored by Innovative Fitness North Vancouver

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This group was created to connect local business professionals with a passion for mountain biking to each other. Step outside the usual networking events and join us for a ride, a beer and a chat.

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